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    Hi there im a new member and could really do with some moral support! Im a double aka and have also had three fingers amputated (so far) im really struggling atm although my first amputation was in 2006 laka then in 2012 i had my raka my fingers were taken in 2014 . I know i should be over the shock by now and i really thought i was until my doctor informed me it was still spreading and wiuld claim both my arms in the next few years . I have a form of buergers disease (caused by smoking) but although i gave up smoking when i was diagnosed in 1999 (aged 26) it didnt stop the disease from continuing to rampage through my body ( buergers is ment to be cured by no longer smoking ) and the doctors dont know why! Im angry ,lost and just so so sad . I am married with 4 children and 1granddaughter. They are my world and love me unconditionally but at this moment it isnt helping . Victoria x
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