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  1. Colleen2015 added a post in a topic: Awesome Motivational Amputee   

    Hey everybody! As I struggled with the idea of becoming an amputee I searched the internet for everything amputee related. I found a guy Josh Sunquist who has an awesome YouTube channel. Many of his earliest videos are from his motivational speaking engagements and I really got a lot out of them so I thought I'd share a link to one of them here. He has also written two books that I have and really enjoyed.  His motto is 1MT1MT = ONE MORE THING ONE MORE TIME.  I have used this as my mantra.
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  2. Colleen2015 added a post in a topic: Gateway Clipper Fleet   

    If your anywhere near Pittsburgh Pa the Gateway Clipper offers boat tours of the three rivers that are quite beautiful, but not if your in a wheelchair!  This very popular tourist attraction was where my daughters boyfriend wanted to propose, so he came to me to ask if I thought I could attend. I called and inquired about the accessibility and was told that they were completely accessible. TOTAL LIES!  First there is a very steep ramp that you have to navigate just to get to the dock. Once there they have a tiny joke of a handicapped bathroom stall and there is little to no room to get into the snack area. Once on the boat I found that the walkway to the restroom was extremely narrow ( 20 inches approx.) and even if I could have made it into the restroom the stalls were just as tiny!  Also the boat has three decks and of coarse the best view is from the top switch you can only get to by climbing two narrow winding staircases!  The day was ruined for me and made me feel so handicapped. I wrote to the owner as well as their customer relations and pointed out how inaccessible they were. They refunded our money but have made no changes to their website.
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  3. Colleen2015 added a post in a topic: Kingsman...amzing amputee villen killer!   

    Loved this movie because of her! Such a bad A**!  I was afraid to check into if she was a really amputee, I like the thought of a double amp doing that well on spikes! 
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  4. Colleen2015 added a post in a topic: Great tip for leg amputees who can drive.   

    Awesome little cart! I can see using this to move my laundry around the house too!
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  5. Colleen2015 added a post in a topic: All about us and Uncle Bob   

    Hello Bob! I just found your site and I love that you started this! I have been a RBK as of 4/29/15 and have been struggling trying to find good information online. This could be such a great resource. I have many you tube videos and articles that have helped me so much, I'd like to post links, where would you like them to be located? 
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  6. Colleen2015 added a post in a topic: Hello!   

    I just found this site and I hope it takes off because boy would I love to have a place like this to talk to other amputees!  I was in a car accident Aug. 2014 and became a RBK April 2015. It has been a long road and I am still not on a leg. Going for surgery the end of the month and praying it will be the last!  I want to thank Bob for all of the time and money it took to have this space. It is so helpful on the bad days to know others have been there and are on the other side!   
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