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Something for Obama haters

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Something for Oboma haters to consider.  I  read a lot of political posts blaiming President Obama for  America's lower employment figures.

But something that has a big effect on those job numbers that President Obama has little control over is ROBOTICS in everyday life.

Consider when you use an ATM machine at your bank.  That machine has taken the job of a human teller. Same thing goes for big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot where check out clerks are being replaced by self-checkout machines. And on and on and on.

Then consider all the manufacturing jobs that have been replaced by computerized robots. Also CNC manufacturing machines, sure it still takes a machinist to run those, but now it is common for a machinist to run three or four cnc machines at once, replacing 3 other machinists on the manufacturing line.

So the next time you express your feelings about where all the American jobs have gone and who is responsible, just remember how a lot of our jobs are now being done by machines, and how we are not that far away from a world like the one shown in the terminator movies!



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